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Meta Description:

AbleStyle is a personal stylist plugin that provides outfit suggestions based on user’s gender preference and current temperature. Enhance your fashion sense and save time deciding what to wear with AbleStyle!

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Functions & Parameters

AbleStyle has one main function:

  • getOutfits: This function generates outfit suggestions based on the user’s input. It takes two parameters:
  • menswearOrWomenswear: This parameter specifies whether the outfits should be menswear, womenswear, or any. If there’s no preference, use ‘any’.
  • temperature: This parameter indicates the current temperature where the user is. It can be ‘hot’, ‘warm’, ‘cool’, or ‘cold’. If there’s no preference, use ‘any’.

Basic Usage

A simple prompt to use AbleStyle could be: “I’m a woman and it’s warm today. What should I wear?” The AbleStyle plugin would then provide a few outfit suggestions suitable for warm weather and womenswear.


AbleStyle enhances the user experience by providing personalized outfit suggestions, saving time and effort in deciding what to wear. It can help users explore new styles and combinations they might not have considered, improving their fashion sense and confidence.

Advanced Usage

Here are three detailed prompts that fully utilize AbleStyle’s capabilities:

  1. “I’m attending a casual outdoor event. It’s going to be cool in the evening. Can you suggest a men’s outfit?”
  2. “I’m a woman and I’ll be in a cold environment all day. What are some outfit options?”
  3. “I don’t have a gender preference for my clothes and it’s a hot day. What can I wear?”

Creative Usage

Here are three unique prompts that push the boundaries of AbleStyle’s intended use:

  1. “I’m designing a character for a story set in a warm climate. Can you suggest some menswear outfits?”
  2. “I’m a fashion blogger looking for womenswear inspiration for a ‘cool weather’ blog post. What should I feature?”
  3. “I’m organizing a fashion show with a ‘gender-neutral’ theme. It’s going to be indoors with controlled temperature. Can you suggest some outfits?”

Multi-Step Usage

While AbleStyle doesn’t handle multi-step prompts on its own, it can be used in combination with other plugins to solve complex problems. Here are three examples:

  1. Use AbleStyle in conjunction with a weather plugin. First, get the current weather from the weather plugin, then use that information to get outfit suggestions from AbleStyle.
  2. Combine AbleStyle with a calendar plugin. If the calendar plugin indicates a special event, use AbleStyle to suggest an appropriate outfit.
  3. Use AbleStyle with a shopping plugin. After getting outfit suggestions from AbleStyle, use the shopping plugin to find where to buy the suggested items.

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