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About Us and Our Services

Kaizen Websites offers customer website design, hosting, SEO and website management services.  What makes us different?  We apply “Kaizen” manufacturing techniques to the website development process, enabling us to more efficiently create effective websites that save our clients time and money.

Web Services

  • Ecommerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Database Applications
  • Banner Design
  • Video Blogs
  • Pod Casting
  • Product Demos
  • Project Management

Graphic Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Business Cards
  • Illustrations

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen (Japanese for “change for the better” or “improvement”; the English translation is “continuous improvement”).

Kaizen refers to a workplace ‘quality’ strategy, often associated with the Toyota Production System and related to various quality-control systems, including methods of W. Edwards Deming.

Kaizen aims to eliminate waste (defined as “activities that add cost but do not add value”).  It is often the case that this means “to take is apart and put back together in a better way”.  This is then followed by the standardization of this ‘better way’ with others, through standardized work.


“Kaizen Websites were our webmasters for home business magazine online (HBMO) for two years.  They provided high quality, professional, ongoing maintenance and upgrading of HBMO.  In addition, as a result of their extensive analysis of our market, their search engine optimization, and other traffic-building strategies, HBMO has achieved superior placement on the major internet search engines for home business topics.  We are extremely pleased with the products and services that Kaizen Websites has provided to our company’s website and to its customers and advertisers.”       

Richard HendersonHome Business Magazine

“Kaizen Websites’ Control Panel, 1 Click Installer, server uptime and overall performance is the best I’ve experienced in my 8 years of hosting websites for myself and my clients.  I’ve been with Kaizen Websites for over a year and they have never given me any reason to find another host.  I’m a very happy and satisfied customer.  Thank you!”

Thomas W – www.clubaloha.com

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