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Description: Ambition Plugin

Is a powerful tool designed to assist users in their job search. It provides functionalities to find relevant jobs near a specified location and to retrieve detailed information about specific jobs. This plugin is particularly useful for job seekers, career counselors, or anyone interested in the job market.

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Available Function(s) and Parameters:

  1. search: This function is used to search for jobs based on a query string and a geographical location (latitude and longitude). The parameters include:
    • query: A string to search for jobs.
    • onet_2019_soc_code: An optional O*NET 2019 SOC code to search for jobs.
    • latitude: The latitude to search for jobs at.
    • longitude: The longitude to search for jobs at.
    • results_title: An optional well-formatted heading describing the search results.
    • num_results: An optional parameter to specify the number of results to return. Defaults to 5.
  2. details: This function is used to return more details about a list of jobs. The parameters include:
    • ids: A comma-separated list of job ids.

Basic Prompt:

“Find me software engineering jobs near San Francisco.”

Use Case Interpretation:

The Ambition plugin can significantly simplify the job search process. Instead of manually browsing through various job portals, users can leverage this plugin to find relevant jobs near them. It can also provide detailed information about specific jobs, helping users make informed decisions about their career paths.

Advanced Prompts:

  1. “Find me jobs related to data science in New York City. I want to see the top 10 results.”
  2. “Search for entry-level marketing jobs in Los Angeles.”
  3. “I’m interested in remote software development roles. Can you find some options for me?”

Unusual Prompts:

  1. “I’m a botanist looking for a job in Antarctica. What are my options?”
  2. “Find me jobs that involve traveling to space.”
  3. “I’m interested in jobs that involve working with animals in the African Savannah.”
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Multi-Step Prompts:

The Ambition plugin is capable of multi-step prompts. Here are three examples of using the Ambition plugin in conjunction with other plugins:

  1. Ambition + WebPilot: First, use the Ambition plugin to find a list of jobs. Then, use the WebPilot plugin to visit the job posting URLs and extract more information about the job descriptions.
  2. Ambition + BlockAtlas: Use the BlockAtlas plugin to find data about the job market in a specific area. Then, use the Ambition plugin to find jobs in that area.
  3. Ambition + There’s An AI For That: Use the “There’s An AI For That” plugin to find AI tools related to job search and career development. Then, use the Ambition plugin to find jobs in the AI and tech industry.

Please note that the effectiveness of these prompts may depend on the capabilities of the other plugins involved.

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