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Description: Basketball Stats ChatGPT Plugin

The Basketball Stats plugin provides access to detailed NBA statistics. It allows users to query specific basketball-related data, such as player or team stats, using natural language.

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Function: getBasketballStats


  • natural_language_query (optional): A query related to basketball statistics, expressed in natural language.


  • A response containing the relevant basketball statistics based on the query provided.


This function allows you to request specific basketball statistics, such as player or team stats. You can use natural language to form your query, making it a flexible tool for obtaining detailed information about the NBA.

For example, you could ask for the scoring average of a particular player, the win-loss record of a team, or other specific statistics related to the NBA.

Example Query:

  "natural_language_query": "What is LeBron James's scoring average for the 2020-2021 season?"

The plugin would then return the relevant statistics for LeBron James’s scoring average for that particular season.

Overall, the Basketball Stats plugin provides a straightforward way to access detailed NBA statistics using natural language queries, making it a valuable tool for basketball enthusiasts, analysts, and researchers.

Available Function(s) and Parameters:

  • Function: getBasketballStats
  • Parameters:
    • natural_language_query (optional): A query related to basketball statistics in natural language.

Basic Prompt:

“What are the career statistics of Michael Jordan?”

Use Case Interpretation:
This plugin can help basketball enthusiasts, sports analysts, journalists, and researchers quickly access accurate and detailed NBA statistics. Whether you’re preparing for a fantasy basketball draft, writing a sports article, or just curious about a player’s performance, this tool provides the information you need in an easily accessible format.

Advanced Prompts:

  1. “Tell me the top 5 scoring leaders in the NBA for the 2019-2020 season.”
  2. “How did the Los Angeles Lakers perform in away games during the 2020-2021 season?”
  3. “Compare the field goal percentages of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant for the last three seasons.”

Unusual Prompts:

  1. “If all the NBA players named ‘James’ formed a team, what would be their combined scoring average?”
  2. “How many left-handed players have won the MVP award in the last 20 years?”
  3. “What’s the correlation between shoe size and free throw percentage among NBA centers?”
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Multi-Step Prompts:

The plugin does not support multi-step prompts on its own, but it can be used in conjunction with other plugins to achieve unique solutions.

  1. Using WebPilot (Browse & QA Webpage/PDF/Data): First, use the Basketball Stats plugin to find the top 3-point shooters in the NBA. Then, use WebPilot to search for articles or videos highlighting their best 3-point shots.
  2. Using VoxScript (Enables searching of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, etc.): Retrieve the career stats of a player using the Basketball Stats plugin, and then use VoxScript to find YouTube videos containing interviews or highlights of that player.
  3. Using There’s An AI For That (Find the right AI tools for any use case): Use the Basketball Stats plugin to gather data on a specific team’s performance, and then use There’s An AI For That to find AI tools that can help visualize or analyze that data in unique ways.

By integrating the Basketball Stats plugin with other tools, users can create comprehensive solutions that go beyond simple statistical queries, enhancing their understanding of the game, supporting decision-making in fantasy leagues, or providing rich content for sports journalism and analysis.

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