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Lean Consulting and Support

Not every business or up and coming lean facilitator has the money to pay a consultant potentially thousands of dollars a day to come and provide the help and support that they are looking for. Nor do they necessarily want to bring in a consultant that is going to try to confuse them with Japanese terms and implement techniques that are way beyond what their staff are ready for. Our support will offer you a real and effective alternative to bringing in consultants to your business.


Effective and to the Point Support


We offer you one on one contact with a skilled and experienced practitioner that is not going to try to dazzle you with their knowledge of unusual practices and statistical methods. Nor are we going to blindly try to force you into implementing techniques and tools that are inappropriate for what you want to achieve.

Lean is not all about implementing techniques straight from the tool box. Your business is a unique and it needs a unique approach to solving the problems that it faces.

Our coach will carefully tailor their approach to help you to recognize the real problems that you are facing and help you to tackle them in an effective manner. Their aim is to leave you with the knowledge and skills required to be able to repeat what you have just done without support.


What Can We Help You With?


If you are serious about getting lean or making your processes more efficient then our service can help you. Typical areas that we can help you with are:


  • Implementing a 5S program; all of the training tips and presentations that you will need
  • Hunting down and eliminating waste from your processes
  • Improving the flow of product within your processes
  • Value stream mapping your process
  • Reducing inventory levels
  • Kaizen planning and blitzes
  • Reducing set up times
  • Improving process efficiency


How can we help you?

All of our services are delivered directly with you with the aim of providing you with the skills and understanding that you will need to be able to repeat what you have learned effectively across your business.



One on One Coaching: $797

Online Lean Coaching

Effective One on One Lean Coaching

Our expert will work with you through both email and Skype to provide you with help and advice that you need for your lean implementation. Help can cover anything from value stream mapping your process to implementing 5S in an area of your facility.

  • 4 weeks of support (20 days)
  • Tailored approach to solve your issues
  • Emails every day
  • Video chat 2 x per week


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Set up Reduction: $397

SMED Coaching

Access SMED Setup Reduction Help Online

Setup times can cause real issues within your production process and reducing them can not only free up more time for actual production but also allow you to reduce batch sizes. Our expert will review your setup process and provide you with detailed suggestions to reduce the time spent on your setup.

  • Review of change over video up to 45 minutes in length
  • Review of detailed setup instructions
  • Video chat to review details
  • Detailed suggestions for improvements


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Process Efficiency Improvements: $397

Process Improvement Coaching

Process Improvement Coaching

Can’t produce fast enough? Process is a bottleneck for the rest of your production? Our expert will aid you in reviewing the process to identify the wasteful and time-consuming steps that are slowing you down. They will provide you with actionable and achievable suggestions that will help you to improve your process.

  • Review of process video up to 45 minutes in length
  • Review of detailed process instructions
  • Video chat to review details
  • Detailed suggestions for improvements


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Our Lean Coach


Tony Earley has over 25 years experience in implementing Lean techniques across a wide range of different industries. He has worked his way from Process Engineering and Quality Management positions through to General Manager Level as well as working as a consultant for premier Universities in the UK and overseas.

He has worked with hundreds of companies in the UK, US, Middle East and Asia to implement different lean management techniques. He has a no nonsense approach to driving improvement that can quickly see through to what the real issues are that need to be tackled.