Motivation Through Adversity




Motivation Through Adversity

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People sometimes feel that they have no hope. They feel like they’re never going to recover from the difficult time they find themselves in. A person may be born with an issue that makes it difficult for them to get things done. Another scenario is people who experience trauma and negative emotions. It is understandable why people think there is no hope in these situations. These individuals often turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping skill. They may self-medicate in order to escape their pain.

Motivation Through Adversity (5)
Motivation Through Adversity (5)

However, there are several instances of successful people who overcame dire circumstances and thrived in the process via motivation through adversity. One example is Helen Keller. At the age of 11, she lost both her sight and hearing due to complications of a disease. Keller was helped by her live-in teacher, Anne Sullivan, to go to college and become a prolific author. She also created schools for people who are blind and deafness.

You might have heard of Helen Keller, but have you ever heard of Nick Vujicic? Nick was born without arms and legs. He is currently a motivational speaker. You can see plenty of videos of him doing activities better than people who have all their limbs. He wouldn’t allow a lack of limbs to get in his way.

If you remember Christopher Reeves, who was an American actor famous for playing Superman in the 1990s series of movies. He became paralyzed after a horse riding incident. Shortly after the incident, he used his fame to help others who experience similar fates in life.

Motivation Through Adversity (1)
Motivation Through Adversity (1)

It is inspiring to see others who have overcome their disabilities. They can be a source of motivation and encouragement when you feel like giving up or don’t think you’re doing your best.

These are all examples of successful people who would be likely to give up based on their circumstances but refused to do so. Their situations were in no way easy to deal with, and they all had long journeys to rise above their situations. They not only did it but excelled at it.

If someone in your life is facing a difficult situation. The inspiration of the people mentioned in the article can help them. Even people who are not facing dire situations can get motivated by great people.

Motivation Through Adversity (2)
Motivation Through Adversity (2)

I believe if people are willing to reach for milestones in life, they can overcome adversities. We can all pretty much agree that there is no such thing as an easy journey. It’s going to be a lot more work than you expect and it’ll test you in every way imaginable. But with that being said, it’s the challenges in life that will help us grow into the best version of ourselves and ultimately help us achieve our goals. In fact, it’s the adversities in life that can actually be the best motivators for change. Keeping a personal journal has help me many times when I found myself depressed or lacking energy.


1. We tend to shorten our breaths during difficult times. Many of us forget to breathe.

To keep your mind and body relaxed, you need to breathe slowly and deep. If you stay in a relaxed state, it is much easier for your mind to come up with solutions that will help you through the hard times.

2. Exercise Daily – If you want to transform stress, exercising is a great way to do it. Especially some form of cardiovascular exercise.

This gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing which is important so you don’t become stagnant. Problems are much easier solved when the body is moving.

Never Give Up

You can only do wrong in life if you don’t try.”

This is a quote by author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn. He is suggesting that trying something will always give you better results than not trying at all. The worst thing you can do in life is to not try, because you will have missed out on an opportunity, and not know the outcome of the situation.

Seeing the disadvantages of a situation can motivate and inspire someone to take action.

Motivation Through Adversity (3)
Motivation Through Adversity (3)

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