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One on One Lean Coaching Online

One on One Support

Improving your processes can be difficult if you do not know where to start, as can be implementing Lean Manufacturing Tools such as 5S or Value Stream Mapping. Our online coaching for Lean however could be the answer that you are looking for.

Hiring lean management consultants can be an expensive way to go about gaining the experience that you need along with the insight that is required to make the improvements that you are looking for. Often they can cost thousands of dollars just for a day’s worth of support. Through us however you can access that experience and knowledge for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you.

We can provide you with one on one coaching with an experienced and talented management consultant that is highly experienced at leading and facilitating all forms of Lean improvement. They are able to tailor the help that they provide to ensure that you get the support that you need in an easy to understand and action format.


The Aim of Our Online Coaching

The whole purpose of coaching is not to just do something for you, but to provide you with the skills that you will need to do the task by yourself. We will do this for you by not just giving you simple to the point training but by also walking you through the whole process and supporting you every step of the way.

This service is suitable for anyone working within a business that wants to learn how to implement lean thinking principles in what they do and to adapt the different lean tools to their specific needs.



Ways to Use Our Online Lean Consulting:

Online Lean Coaching

Effective One on One Lean Coaching

Our support can be adapted and molded to your specific needs. Our consultant has provided support to hundreds of different companies and can adapt their approach to provide the specific help that you need. Some suggestions of how they can help are detailed below:


5S Training and Implementation

The implementation of 5S can make a significant improvement in quality and process efficiency in the areas in which you use it. As a standalone tool, it is an effective way to introduce staff and your business to lean while making measurable improvements. Our expert can help with all of the following and more over a 4-week period of implementation:

  • Identification of target area
  • Implementation planning
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Provision of training materials
  • Training advice for your presentation
  • Review of implementation
  • Problem solving
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Daily progress review

Cost is just $797: ORDER


Process Waste Reduction

The seven wastes of lean are often an area that many businesses wish to identify and eliminate to make improvements. They are; Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-Production, Over-Processing, and Defects.

All of these wastes cost you money and add no value to your product or service. Our expert can provide you with all of the help that you need to start to eliminate the wastes in your process. A typical implementation could be:

  • Identify the reasons for waste elimination
  • Identify a pilot area for analysis
  • Training in identifying the 7 wastes of lean
  • Simple process mapping with waste identification
  • Suggestions for eliminating waste
  • Daily review; progress and problem solving

Cost is just $797: ORDER


Value Stream Mapping


A value stream map is great way to visualize what is actually happening within your operations. However, if you have never created a VSM before it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Our expert can take you through the process step by step so that you can go from your initial data gathering through to your future state maps and action planning:

  • Reviewing your reasons for creating a VSM
  • Defining the process to be mapped
  • Identifying the main process steps
  • Gathering process and inventory data
  • Drafting your actual map
  • Defining the ideal future state map
  • Action planning for achieving that future state

Cost is just $797: ORDER


Inventory Reduction


Inventory and Over Production are the worst of the seven wastes of Lean. They are generally there to cushion you from the effects of all of the problems that you have there within your production. Slowly removing that inventory however will start to uncover the issues that you will need to face to improve your process.

Removing inventory will also free up capital, reduce the space required and handling equipment, reduce your lead times and a host of other benefits. Our consultant can help you to put together a process to reduce that inventory in a manageable manner and tackle the problems that are uncovered:

  • Identifying the area in which to reduce inventory
  • Measuring current inventory
  • Creating a manageable plan for reduction
  • Identifying likely issues
  • Identifying and implementing solutions to expected issues

Cost is just $797: ORDER


Additional Areas That We Can Help With:


If you don’t see the area that you need help with just ask us.


Process Flow Improvement

How product and information flows can have a huge effect on your efficiencies and ability to meet customer demand. We can help you with everything from balancing those flows to improving efficiencies to increase output as well as implementing Kanban systems.

Cost is just $797: ORDER


Kaizen Continual Improvement Process and Blitzes

We can provide you with the help and support that you need to put in place regular quality and process improvements through Kaizen teams. This can include walking through problem resolutions through to training in the seven quality tools and others as appropriate to your needs.

We can also help you with the planning and running of Kaizen blitzes in different areas of your company.

Cost is just $797: ORDER


SMED Setup Reduction

We can provide you with extended training and support to implement Single Minute Exchange of Die techniques across your processes to reduce the amount of time wasted in this area as well as to enable you to use smaller batches. We also provide a SMED video review service that you can utilize. (More details)


Process Efficiency Improvement

We can provide you with all of the support that you need to review a process step by step to identify the wasteful steps. We can then aid you in the removal or reduction of those steps to improve the process flow and overall efficiency. We can also provide you with a Process Improvement Video Review Service to help with identifying those improvements.(More Details)