/Setup Reduction SMED Coaching

Setup Reduction SMED Coaching

“Send me a video and I will help reduce your setup times”

Reducing setup time is a vital part of most Lean implementations if you want to be able to reduce batch sizes and improve process efficiency. SMED as the name suggests allows you to reduce your setup time to single minutes if implemented well. But getting there can take time and a lot of thought.

Having someone come into your business to provide SMED consulting can be an expensive proposition. Most Lean Consultants worth their salt will charge you thousands of bucks every day; and many will not just want to leap in and improve that setup in the first day if they can drag it out to week or two. So getting your setup reduced can cost you a huge amount of money, however, as the consultant will tell you and no doubt demonstrate for you the potential savings are just so much more.

Many are well worth the investment and will make a huge impact on your business. They should also impart the skills and knowledge that you will need to be able to go ahead and implement what you have learned on your initial SMED implementation throughout your business.

But, coming up with that initial sum of money to pay the consultant is not easy. Neither easy to find nor easy to have approved to spend. We however, offer you a more cost effective way to implement SMED for your process change over.


How Does Our SMED Online Consulting Work?


The aim of our online coaching is to provide you with not only a quick improvement to your process but also to impart the skills and knowledge that you need to be able to go out and do it yourself.

You have two options to choose from, although we can discuss other plans should they be more appropriate to your needs:


Video Based SMED Coaching and Improvement

SMED Coaching

Access SMED Setup Reduction Help Online

This is a week-long review of your setup process.

  • Typically, we will ask you to produce a detailed video of your setup of up to 45 minutes in length as well as providing us copies of the instructions that are followed by your operators when conducting the setup.
  • We will review this information. Usually we will want to discuss what we have seen to clarify steps and request additional information of what is shown. Communication is through a daily email or by video chat if required.
  • Once the review is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report of the setup highlighting the areas that require to be improved along with suggestions as to how they can be improved.

The cost for this review is just $397:  ORDER


SMED Training and Coaching

Online Lean Coaching

Effective One on One Lean Coaching

This is a 4 week (20 day) process that will help walk you through every stage of the SMED process. It will include:

  • Identifying the setup on which SMED is to be implemented
  • Measuring the current setup times
  • Providing basic training materials for SMED
  • Planning the SMED process for your setup
  • Walking you through the entire process
  • Review of each process step with suggestions for improvement
  • Problem solving
  • Help with creating and reviewing setup instructions to maintain improvements

Communication is through:

  • A daily email; short video clips, photographs, etc. are encouraged to be added. Response is generally within 24 hours.
  • Video chat; 2 calls per week of 30 minutes duration


At the end of this coaching you should have the skills and knowledge required to be able to implement SMED on other processes within your company. The cost for this process is just $797:  ORDER


Should you wish any other support with your changeover or any other form of Lean training or coaching feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs:  ORDER