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The Most Innovative Tech Fueling Digital Marketing

According to research, 75% of companies report that digital marketing has improved their brand’s credibility. This figure indicates a consistent trend — digital marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with clients, but it doesn’t just make connections more frequent. It makes them stronger, too. To leverage this phenomenon further, companies should invest in tech that allows for innovative communications with consumers.

The Most Innovative Tech Fueling Digital Marketing


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That starts with a functional, high-quality website from Kaizen Websites. A good business website is “one of the most valuable tech tools at your disposal.” Small and midsize businesses should also consider the following tech that can support innovation in digital marketing.  

1. Optimization by Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of artificial intelligence sounds like something that’s better suited to a science fiction novel than a marketing meeting, but AI has proven to be a powerful source of innovation in digital marketing and beyond. One of the most interesting applications is its use in content generation.

Content is key to digital marketing — especially search engine optimization — and AI has now proven its ability to write marketing copy based on algorithmic intuition. This is an amazing innovation, and it’s likely just the beginning of AI’s ability to revolutionize marketing for small and mid-sized businesses.

2. Conversational Marketing Platforms

AI is also at the core of another major marketing innovation — conversational marketing. This strategy utilizes chatbots to replicate the immediacy of a text exchange and the familiarity of a conversation with a friend. Unsurprisingly, the results have been promising, and many small and medium-sized companies have seen a boost in revenue directly from conversational marketing campaigns.

These platforms work by connecting customers with an algorithmically-powered AI personality who chats with them about their needs. If your business offers travel bookings, for example, the chatbot will likely start by making friendly conversation and eventually responding to clients’ prompts with further questions. The bot may ask for the dates of a trip or the destination, for example.


3. New eCommerce Tools and Tech

Despite all of the impressive innovations brought by cloud computing, machine learning, and data analysis, many customers prefer a simple experience that’s uncomplicated by tech. This is especially true in many eCommerce transactions. Customers often approach your store knowing exactly what they and why they want it. They don’t need an AI chatbot to interrupt the transaction.


One of the biggest innovations in eCommerce, surprisingly, has thus been a return to simplicity. Customers are more focused on your brand than the tech that supports it, and you would do well to shift focus, too. You can do this by investing in strong branding elements like a bold logo. You can even design your own with an online logo maker. This tool allows you to customize an image with text, colors, and icons that represent your company.

Innovative Solutions for Digital Marketing and eCommerce

If you’re looking for ways to use time management tools, remote work resources, and other unique tech features, it’s important to first assess whether these tools truly serve your business. In some cases, you may find that a return to simplicity is more beneficial — and more appealing to your customers, too. An increased emphasis on branding is one example of this phenomenon, and you can take advantage of the trend by creating a memorable logo. Explore online logo making tools that allow you to easily put your own spin on pre-made templates. That way, you can create a logo that’s wholly unique to your business.

If you don’t already have a digital marketing strategy, now’s the time to put one in place. The internet can help you connect with potential customers and clients from all walks of life. What’s more, you can make use of a wide variety of tech, apps, and software to make everything a breeze. Digital marketing tech is here; it’s time to embrace it.

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