What Is Kaizen

We apply “Kaizen” manufacturing techniques to the website development process, enabling us to more efficiently create effective websites that save our clients time and money.
Kaizen Websites offers website design, Cpanel hosting, SEO, SEM, and website management services.

  • Benefits Of Scrum

    Benefits Of Scrum

    Benefits Of Scrum Are you looking for a way to improve your team’s productivity? Scrum could be the answer. This agile project management framework has been around since 1995 and can revolutionize how teams work together. As an experienced scrum master myself, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits of using this structure in projects. In…

  • Kaizen 5s Process

    Kaizen 5s Process

    Have you ever heard of the ‘Kaizen 5s Process’? It’s an incredibly effective, yet simple Japanese business philosophy that has been changing and improving companies from all over the world. Many organizations have been using this strategy to increase productivity and efficiency within their operations, but what is it exactly? In this article, we’ll take…

  • Principles of Kaizen | 5s Kaizen Tools

    Principles of Kaizen | 5s Kaizen Tools

    5s Kaizen Lean Tools To use the 5S method, follow these steps: Kanban: To use the Kanban method, follow these steps: Value stream mapping: To use value stream mapping, follow these steps: PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle: To use the PDCA cycle, follow these steps: What is needed in a lean 5S Toolkit A lean 5S toolkit…

  • Jidoka: What is it & How Does It Improve Quality?

    Jidoka: What is it & How Does It Improve Quality?

    Jidoka: What is it & How Does It Improve Quality? Quality control has always been of utmost importance to businesses. But with the ever-growing manufacturing and production lines, the challenge of ensuring quality at every stage of production becomes even more important. Jidoka is a technique that helps businesses achieve this goal. In short, jidoka…

  • Toyota Production System – The Lean Manufacturing System That Made Toyota Famous

    Toyota Production System – The Lean Manufacturing System That Made Toyota Famous

    The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a lean manufacturing system developed by Toyota that incorporates continuous improvement and just-in-time production. TPS is also known as the Toyota Way and is considered a major contributor to the company’s success. The key Ideas of the system are: Jidoka: Quality control at each stage of production so that…

  • Continuous Improvement Process

    Continuous Improvement Process

    It’s no secret that constantly improving your productivity and workflow is key to success as a project manager. But where do you start? One great way to make continuous improvement an ingrained part of your work process is to implement a continuous improvement (CIP) in the workplace. A CIP is a systemized way of constantly…

  • Value Stream Mapping in 7 Steps.

    Value Stream Mapping in 7 Steps.

    What is value-stream mapping? Value stream mapping is a Lean Manufacturing tool that helps identify and eliminate waste in the production process. The goal of a stream mapping exercise is to create a visual representation of the flow of materials and information from supplier to customer. Mapping the value stream allows you to see where…

  • Kaizen Principles

    Kaizen Principles

    Kaizen Principles | Part of Daily Life Technology has made such a big impact on our daily lives. One example of how it impacts us is the change in the work place environment. With so many people working remotely and now, even virtually, we’re seeing less and fewer people at their desks. This has led…

  • Kaizen Events

    Kaizen Events

    Kaizen Event Kaizen events are short duration improvement projects with a specific aim for improvement; typically they are week-long events led by a facilitator with the implementation team