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Description: B12 AI Websites

The B12 AI Websites plugin is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help users create professional, engaging, and user-friendly websites for their businesses in seconds. It’s designed to simplify the process of website creation, making it accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise.

  1. AI-Powered Website Design: B12 uses AI to generate a draft of your website in minutes. It takes into account your business type, style preferences, and content needs to create a unique and professional website.
  2. Human Expertise: While the initial design is AI-generated, B12 has a team of experts who review and refine the website to ensure it meets your specific needs and expectations. This combination of AI and human expertise ensures a high-quality end product.
  3. SEO Optimization: B12 websites are designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This helps your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing its visibility and driving more traffic.
  4. Integrated Tools: B12 offers a range of integrated tools and features, such as online scheduling, e-commerce, blog functionality, and more. These tools can help you engage with your customers and grow your business.
  5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: B12 provides ongoing website maintenance and updates, so your website stays current and functional. They also offer customer support to help you manage and optimize your website.
  6. Custom Domains and Email Addresses: With B12, you can set up a custom domain and professional email addresses for your business, enhancing your brand’s credibility.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: B12 provides detailed analytics and reporting, so you can understand how visitors are interacting with your website and make data-driven decisions.
  8. Mobile Optimization: B12 ensures that your website is optimized for mobile devices, which is crucial given the increasing number of people who browse the web on their smartphones and tablets.

Remember, the capabilities of B12 AI Websites may vary and evolve over time, so it’s always a good idea to check their official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Available Function(s) and Parameters:

  1. getBusinessWebsiteOptions: This function retrieves a list of possible B12 business website options. It doesn’t require any parameters.
  2. createWebsite: This function creates a business website for the user. It requires the following parameters:
  • email: The email address of the requesting user.
  • business_name: The name of the business.
  • category: The matching B12 website business category option for the business.

Basic Prompt:

“Create a website for my new bakery business. My email is john.doe@example.com.”

Use Case Interpretation:

The B12 AI Websites plugin can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who want to establish an online presence but lack the technical skills or resources to build a website from scratch. By leveraging AI, this plugin simplifies the process, allowing users to create a professional website quickly and easily.

Advanced Prompts:

  1. “I need a website for my photography portfolio. My email is jane.doe@example.com. Please use the ‘Photography’ category.”
  2. “Create a website for my e-commerce store ‘Trendy Threads’. My email is trendythreads@example.com. Use the ‘E-commerce’ category.”
  3. “I’m starting a consulting firm and need a website. My email is consultme@example.com. The business category should be ‘Consulting’.”

Unusual Prompts:

  1. “I’m a professional clown and need a website to showcase my services. My email is funnyclown@example.com. Use the ‘Entertainment’ category.”
  2. “I run a pet detective agency and need a website. My email is petdetective@example.com. The business category should be ‘Services’.”
  3. “I’ve started a business selling homemade alien-themed crafts. My email is alienart@example.com. Use the ‘E-commerce’ category.”
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Multi-Step Prompts:

The B12 AI Websites plugin does not support multi-step prompts on its own. However, it can be used in conjunction with other plugins to achieve unique solutions. Here are three examples:

  1. B12 AI Websites + WebPilot: First, use the WebPilot plugin to search for inspiration for your website design. Then, use the B12 AI Websites plugin to create your website based on that inspiration.
  2. B12 AI Websites + Link Reader: Use the Link Reader plugin to read the content of a competitor’s website. Then, use the insights gained to create your own website with the B12 AI Websites plugin.
  3. B12 AI Websites + There’s An AI For That: Use the ‘There’s An AI For That’ plugin to find the right AI tools for your business. Then, create a website for your business using the B12 AI Websites plugin, incorporating the tools you’ve found.

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