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We apply “Kaizen” manufacturing techniques and Artificial Intelligence Tools such as ChatGPT to the website development process, enabling us to more efficiently create effective websites that save our clients time and money.

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Kaizen Web Services

Kaizen Websites offers website design, custom mobile apps, webhosting, SEO, and website management services and digital rewards and gift card systems. 

  • Custom Mobile Loyalty Apps
  • Responsive / Mobile-Friendly Websites
Responsive Web Design

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen refers to a workplace ‘quality’ strategy, often associated with the Toyota Production System and related to various quality-control systems, including methods of W. Edwards Deming.

Kaizen aims to eliminate waste (defined as “activities that add cost but do not add value”). It is often the case that this means “to take is apart and put back together in a better way”. This is then followed by the standardization of this ‘better way’ with others, through standardized work.

Our Websites projects are 100% Kaizen

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