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  1. Description: Bohita ChatGPT Plugin allows you to create apparel with any image you can describe. Once created, you can get it delivered right to your door.
  2. Functionality: With this plugin, you can design apparel like T-shirts or Hoodies by simply describing the graphic you want printed on the garment. The plugin then generates the graphic based on your description.
  3. Authentication: No authentication is required to use this plugin.
  4. API Type: The plugin uses an open API. You can find more details about the API here.
  5. Contact: If you have any queries, you can reach out to Bohita at
  6. Legal Information: You can find the legal information related to Bohita here.

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Available Function(s) and Parameters:

  1. create_apparel_apparel_post
  • subject: The main subject of the graphic.
  • prompt: Exact description to generate the graphic for the garment.
  • product_type: Choose between “T-shirt” or “Hoodie”.
  • shop_category: Select “Men” or “Women” (default is “Men”).
  • user_name: Optional, to credit the user as the creator of the design.
  • tid: Previous transaction id, if any.
  • question: The actual question asked.
  • models: Models to use for design generation (e.g., “dalle”, “kim”, “pam”).

Basic Prompt:

Use Case Interpretation:
Bohita can revolutionize the way users approach fashion and personal expression. Instead of searching for the perfect design in stores or online, users can simply describe their ideal image and have it brought to life on a piece of apparel. This not only ensures a unique style but also allows for personal stories, memories, or ideas to be worn and shared.

Advanced Prompts:

  1. “Design a hoodie with a detailed image of a phoenix rising from ashes against a starry night background.”
  2. “I’d like a T-shirt that showcases a serene underwater scene with colorful corals, fish, and a hidden treasure chest.”
  3. “Can you create a hoodie design that has a city skyline at dusk with reflections in the water and a crescent moon overhead?”

Unusual Prompts:

  1. “I want a T-shirt with a unicorn playing a guitar in a rock band on Mars.”
  2. “How about a hoodie with a design of a pineapple and a banana having a dance-off in a disco?”
  3. “Can you generate a T-shirt design where a group of penguins are having a picnic on a floating iceberg with a hot air balloon in the background?”
Bohita |Photo of Woman Wearing Gray Adidas Hoodie
Photo by Bogdan Glisik on Pexels

Multi-Step Prompts:

  1. Bohita + WebPilot:
  • User: “Find the most popular color trends for 2023.”
  • WebPilot fetches the information.
  • User: “Now, design a T-shirt using those colors with an abstract pattern.”
  • Bohita creates the design.
  1. Bohita + Show Me:
  • User: “Draw a diagram of the solar system.”
  • Show Me provides the diagram.
  • User: “Now, use that diagram to design a hoodie.”
  • Bohita generates the hoodie design.
  1. Bohita + There’s An AI For That:
  • User: “Find an AI tool that can generate a story about a dragon and a knight.”
  • There’s An AI For That provides the tool.
  • User: “Now, based on that story, design a T-shirt.”
  • Bohita creates the T-shirt design.

Note: The above multi-step prompts are conceptual and showcase how Bohita can be integrated with other plugins for enhanced functionality.

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