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Description: Boolio Invest

Boolio Invest is a comprehensive financial analysis tool that offers in-depth insights into stocks from around the world. It uses both traditional and alternative data to provide quantitative analysis of equities, helping users make informed investment decisions.

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The Boolio Invest plugin offers a range of capabilities centered around financial data analysis and stock market insights. Here are its primary features:

  1. Comprehensive Financial Database: Boolio Invest boasts one of the most extensive financial databases of businesses worldwide. This allows for in-depth analysis of a vast number of stocks from different countries.
  2. Quantitative Analysis: The plugin can perform high-dimensional quantitative analyses of equities at an institutional level. This means it can process and analyze large datasets to provide insights into stock performance, trends, and other financial metrics.
  3. Factor Models: Hundreds of financial factor models are built into the plugin. These models can be used to screen and backtest various investment styles. This is particularly useful for investors looking to understand how different factors might influence stock performance.
  4. Alternative & Traditional Data: The plugin offers insights based on both alternative data (like social media sentiment, web traffic, etc.) and traditional data (like earnings reports, balance sheets, etc.). This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic view of stock performance.
  5. Custom Factor Models: Users can easily create new factor models tailored to their specific needs or investment strategies.
  6. Stock Summary: Users can get a summarized stock information based on a specific country and ticker. This provides a quick overview of a stock’s performance and key metrics.
  7. Factor Search: The plugin allows users to search for specific financial factors by keywords. This is useful for those looking to understand specific metrics or factors influencing stock performance.
  8. Sector Search: Users can search for specific sectors by keywords. This can be helpful when looking to invest in a particular industry or sector.
  9. Custom Index Screening: Users can search for stocks that meet specific criteria based on factors, sectors, and other parameters. This feature can be used to find stocks that align with a particular investment strategy or criteria.
  10. Sorting & Limiting Results: The plugin allows users to sort the results based on specific criteria and set a limit on the number of stocks displayed in the results.

In summary, the Boolio Invest plugin is a powerful tool for investors, financial analysts, and anyone interested in stock market analysis. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for analyzing stocks, understanding financial factors, and making informed investment decisions.

Available Function(s) and Parameters:

  1. postApiStockSummary
  • prompt: The latest chat prompt from the user.
  • region: An ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country.
  • symbol: The identifier of the stock in the corresponding region.
  1. getApiSearchFactor
  • query: Keywords in English to search for the factor.
  • category: The category the factor belongs to (optional).
  1. getApiSearchSector
  • query: Keywords in English to search for the sector.
  1. postApiCustom__indexScreen
  • prompt: The latest chat prompt from the user.
  • region: An ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country.
  • sectorIds: Sector identifiers (optional).
  • filterRules: The search criteria based on factors.
  • sortRules: The sorting criteria.
  • limit: The maximum number of stocks in the result.

Basic Prompt:

“Can you provide a summary of Apple stock in the US?”

Use Case Interpretation:
Boolio Invest can significantly enhance an investor’s decision-making process. Whether you’re a novice looking for basic stock information or an expert aiming to backtest investment strategies using factor models, this plugin provides the data and insights you need. By offering a blend of traditional and alternative data, it ensures a holistic view of stock performance, helping users make well-informed investment choices.

Advanced Prompts:

  1. “Which stocks in the US tech sector have the highest revenue growth in the last quarter?”
  2. “Search for stocks in the UK that have a low P/E ratio and high dividend yield.”
  3. “List the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Germany based on their net profit margins.”

Unusual Prompts:

  1. “If I were a superhero looking to invest my savings, which stocks in the entertainment sector have the most mentions of superheroes in their annual reports?”
  2. “Which stocks in the French wine industry have the word ‘grape’ mentioned most frequently in their latest reports?”
  3. “Find me stocks in the Japanese gaming sector that have a mascot or character in their branding.”
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Multi-Step Prompts:

Boolio Invest is capable of multi-step prompts. Here are examples of using Boolio Invest in conjunction with other plugins for unique solutions:

  1. Using Boolio Invest with WebPilot:
  • Step 1: “Find the top 5 stocks in the US automotive sector based on sales growth.”
  • Step 2 (WebPilot): “Browse the official websites of these companies and extract their mission statements.”
  1. Using Boolio Invest with Noteable:
  • Step 1: “List the stocks in the Indian IT sector with the highest employee growth rate.”
  • Step 2 (Noteable): “Create a Python notebook to visualize this growth rate over the past 5 years.”
  1. Using Boolio Invest with VoxScript:
  • Step 1: “Provide a summary of Tesla stock in the US.”
  • Step 2 (VoxScript): “Search YouTube transcripts for the latest interviews with Elon Musk discussing Tesla’s future plans.”

By integrating Boolio Invest with other plugins, users can achieve a more comprehensive and multi-dimensional analysis, enhancing their understanding and decision-making capabilities in the financial domain.

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